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Pedro Marin

Is chief-editor and founder of Opera Magazine. Was correspondent in Venezuela for the same publication. Was a columnist and international correspondent for Global Independent Analytics, and has articles published in outlets such as Truthout, Russia Insider, New Cold War, OffGuardian, Latin America Bureau, Konkret Media and Periferia Prensa.

Brazil: The Speaker of the House and the morality in Politics

Morality is, perhaps, the main component of politics. Political theorists, including realist ones, looked at morality for years, trying to unravel, after all, what...

Fidel Castro: Ideas can not be killed

"A little tired, we had to sleep in the worst conditions, on the slopes of the mountain, without a sleeping bag or anything, and...

Chronicle: Third World, A Train to Nothing Else

It was one of these accursed days in which I had to say her goodbye. I got my backpack, gave her a kiss and...

Elections in Colombia: Latin America at the Crossroads

Iván Duque is Colombia's new President. With 10,3 million votes, the uribista* candidate triumphed over the center-left candidate Gustavo Petro by a margin of...

Venezuela: Guarimba is not Rumba

"Maracayeros were victims of repression for hours this Saturday - the citizens protested against the repression and honored Fabián Urbina." That's how the Venezuelan...

“To avoid bloodshed” – A historical trap

To avoid bloodshed. The benevolent and heroic phrase has appeared, in its various forms, as a historical constant in the World's political history. In Brazil,...